I am Martin Malinda and I create interactive user experiences

Freelance JavaScript developer and creative coder

I like to build amazing projects on the web

I like to come up with inovative and original approaches that provide a unique experience and that do not compromise speed, usability or accessibility.

Finding solutions
  • I take time to understand the problem in full context
  • I think the ideal solution is often an easy one
  • I always try to reduce the amount of work for the user to minimum
User Experience
  • Lightweight solutions, easy on the eyes
  • Creating a positive experience means creating a memory
  • Animations can explain context and navigate attention
  • Visual communication can add more depth
  • Make the site load fast and stay fast
  • Decrease the size of scripts, styles and images
  • Render content as fast as possible
  • Ensure 60fps interactions

Design by code is my favourite hobby

Even though I am primarily a JavaScript developer, main driving force behind my work is creativity. Design by code is effective. It requires a different mindset and therefore leads to unique results. Letting me do both design and code can be ideal for smaller projects.

1. Hand-drawn sketch
2. Multiple prototypes
3. Final result

Most notable work experience



Your Practical Guide Towards Sustainable Life. Sustain, Adapt and Thrive with Ótimo.

GreenFox Academy

In GreenFox I mentored aspiring C#, Java and JavaScript Developers. I improved my presentation, mentoring and leadership skills and I deepened and clarified my tech knowledge.


At Leadfeeder I had a great opportunity to iterate on, refactor and expand the main UI. I took great care in improving the UX and write high quality, well-tested code.


At TopMonks I had a chance to build projects from ground up and work with Swiss and American clients.