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Martin Malinda

I've been building and helping startups for over 10 years. I can help you develop web apps, analyze the technical landscape & automate the mundane.

Technical founder & consultant

I co-founded Herohero, a monetisation service for creators.
Herohero has seen a rapid growth in Czech Republic and Slovakia and is currently expanding to Spain & USA.

I am currently building Otimo - A web app to save & share quality content.

I can share my experience with web app frontend architecture, rapid prototyping & top performance.

Automation specialist

I've been helping companies automate their business processes for over 2 years now. I can organize internal data, interconnect tools and use AI effectively.
I aim to empower people with technology, not to replace them by it.

My main toolstack is Airtable, Pipedream and Zapier.

Giving a talk

Sharing knowledge

For over a year, I taught TypeScript, C# and Java in Green Fox Academy - a coding bootcamp based in Prague and Budapest.

I also have experience teaching code online on

Teaching code


Let's discuss business process automation, web performance or overall technical strategy for your small or medium sized business.

Send me an email, schedule a meeting or connect on LinkedIn.